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This site celebrates an annual fundraising tradition created by Mr. Jerry Lewis:

Jerry Lewis Telethon to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association!


The "Jerry Lewis Telethon" began in the mid 50's and since then has grown each and every year. Throughout the years more stars and personalities have appeared on the Telethon than in any other fundraising event and the numbers have continued to grow. This site celebrates the Tradition that is the Annual Labor Day Telethon and the people involved who are responsible for it being the wonderful event it is.

Here you'll be able to read the History of the Biggest show ever produced to benefit a charity, read how I got hooked on the telethon as a child, and also see pictures and read ocasional articles about Jerry Lewis's yearly work on Labor Day. You'll hear audio clips and see some great video in the media section as well. The classics section refers to Classic Telethon videos. The Photo Album has pictures from years past as well as some behind the scenes images as well. There's a few surprises off and on in the pages so check them all out.

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